The #1 Rated Male Enhancement Pills Of 2017

“Honey, I have a headache.”

It’s the fourth time she’s said it in as many weeks.  In fact, come to think of it, she’s been making that excuse a lot this year.  And when you do have sex (which isn’t happening nearly enough anymore), it’s always a total letdown. 

You know that your stamina isn’t what it was a decade ago—and your erections aren’t what they used to be when you were a 20-year-old stud either. That would be bad enough, but now she’s getting bored and fed up.  So when you do have sex, you’re so darn depressed you can hardly get it up at all. 

Your sex life is spiraling out of control.  At this rate, you won’t be having sex at all in one year’s time.

Worst of all is her total disinterest.  You can’t satisfy her anymore, and that reflects on you.  You feel like less than a man—like a shadow of yourself.

There Is a Solution: Male Extra Penis Pills

Hi there, Jim here.  I know this is a painful topic, but bear with me.  Things can turn around.

I’ve been right where you are, wondering if my sex life was at an end.

But it can get better.  I know that because mine did.

It turned out that all it took to get back in the saddle was a supplement called Male Extra.

Male Extra penis pills not only help you to get harder, fuller erections, they can also increase sexual stamina, boost libido, and even enhance penis size.

I’m going to tell you all about it, but first I want to share my story with you.

My Sex Life Was Nonexistent

I met my wife when we were college freshmen.  Back then, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other.  We had sex all the time, and it was amazing.

Fast-forward a few more years than I care to admit, and it was all just a happy memory with a sad gray future ahead.  I was having difficulties getting an erection.  I’m not sure what started it, even now—whether it was just because I was getting older, because work was stressful, or because our sex life was becoming so stifled.

In any case, it became harder and harder for me to perform (pun neither intended nor fitting).  It didn’t help that my wife already seemed increasingly less interested in sex all around.  And then she started getting so frustrated with me.  Eventually, it was impossible to say which of us was the real root of the problem.

All I knew was that I still wanted sex, but it wasn’t working out.  I couldn’t get it up, and she lost interest altogether.  Eventually she stopped initiating sex altogether, and not long later, I did too.

Needless to say, I was not happy with where our relationship was headed, which was nowhere.  It was like we were two different people when we were dating.

I got desperate enough that I started searching around online for the best penis pills.  I thought about getting a prescription, but I’d read about all the nasty side effects of medications like Viagra, and that wasn’t something I wanted to put myself through.

Then again, it quickly became obvious that most penis pills out there are nothing more than snake oil.  I didn’t want to throw my money away, so I gave up again.

Then by pure coincidence, I overheard my pal at the gym mentioning Male Extra to another guy.

Finally—a real penis pill which an actual person I knew had tried!

I got him to sit down and tell me all about it.

His story was just like mine.  But he started using Male Extra, and his problems went away.  He and his girlfriend were back to having incredible sex again.

I asked him about some other pills I was considering, like VigRX, and whether he’d recommend Male Extra vs. VigRX.  He told me he’d actually tried VigRX and that it helped him out a bit, but not nearly as much as Male Extra.

So I got online and ordered it.

And you know what?  It worked for me too.  The results weren’t instant—it’s a long-term solution.  But after a couple of weeks, I started noticing a difference, and I mean a big difference.


What Is Male Extra?

Male Extra is a male enhancement supplement.  It isn’t a medication; you can buy it over-the-counter online.  It contains no artificial ingredients.  The formula is 100% natural and safe.

Male Extra is formulated to give you the following benefits:

  • Harder, fuller erections than you have ever had in your life
  • Say goodbye to erectile dysfunction
  • Enjoy a soaring sex drive
  • Higher levels of stamina—perform longer and harder than you ever have before
  • Don’t ejaculate until you and your partner are ready
  • You may see an increase in penis size over the course of long-term use

Note that Male Extra is not like Viagra in that it is not an instant solution.  But also unlike Viagra, it is a long-term solution.  When Viagra wears off, you are right back to erectile dysfunction and all the woes that go with it.  Male Extra doesn’t wear off like that.  You take it every day over a period of months or years.

So for the first few days, you may not notice much of a benefit.  But after a few weeks, you should find it much easier to perform.  Give it a few months, and you should find that your sex drive and your performance have gone into overdrive.


How Does Male Extra Work?

How do you know that Male Extra works?  By checking out the Male Extra ingredients.  Here is what is inside every capsule:

  • Pomegranate.  That’s right, the juicy, messy, delicious fruit which contains Ellagic Acid does an amazing job boosting blood flow to the penis.  Every single capsule gives you 500 mg, one of the highest doses on the market.
  • L-Arginine:  You need this amino acid in order for your body to produce nitric acid.  The more nitric acid you have in your body, the more the blood vessels in the corpora cavenosa are able to expand.  This can result in fuller erections.
  • Niacin: Niacin helps to regulate your energy levels and combat fatigue while also boosting your libido and improving your stamina.
  • Creatine: Your muscles require creatine in order to function.  When creatine levels are low, your muscles have difficulty expanding and contracting, and your ATP levels are low as well, resulting in decreased energy levels.  The creatine in Male Extra fuels your muscles and your energy.
  • MSM: This ingredient helps to keep the cells in your penis healthy.
  • Cordyceps: This is a type of mushroom which is used in traditional Chinese medicine both to boost sexual performance and to increase energy levels.  It is also believed that Cordyceps may have anti-aging properties.
  • Zinc: This important nutrient has a protective effect for sperm health, which ultimately may help to increase your sperm count and boost ejaculation volume.

As you can see, all of these ingredients are natural, safe and healthy—and all are included in the supplement for scientifically-backed reasons.


How to Take Male Extra

Taking Male Extra is ridiculously easy.  All you need to do is take three pills every day.  They go down best with water.

I highly recommend that you purchase a long-term supply of this stuff.  You are going to need to us it for at least 3-6 months to see the full benefits.  Don’t get me wrong, you are going to see amazing results within just a few weeks.  But if you quit taking it then, there are so many incredible benefits you’ll just be denying yourself.

Does It Really Work?

You came here in search of Male Extra reviews, am I right?  Here is what I experienced when I started taking this supplement:

1 Week:

I didn’t notice a major difference during the first week, though I felt less fatigued throughout the day.  Maybe I felt some placebo type effects but I am a true skeptic when it comes to supplements. But my friend who recommended Male Extra told me to hang in there, so I did …

2 Weeks:

Another week later and things were starting to happen.  I felt even more energetic, and I noticed that I felt a little less depressed.  I started experimenting on my own and found that it was easier to get an erection while I was masturbating.  I was also able to jerk off for longer before I came.

4 Weeks:

I continued to have even better results on my own.  By week 4, getting an erection was almost as easy as it had been when I was younger, and my stamina was improving.  I felt energetic throughout the day.  I also noticed my erections were a lot harder than they used to be.

2 Months:

After a couple of months, I was actually feeling confident enough to finally initiate sex again with my wife.  She grudgingly agreed (I managed not to let that get to me), and all I can say is … was she surprised or what!  She told me it was the best sex she’d ever had!

3 Months:

Another month later and I had a sex life again!

We were back to having sex a couple of times a week, which still wasn’t quite enough for me, but she always had a lower drive than me.  This was also around where I noticed that my erections were significantly fuller than they used to be, to the point where I was measuring maybe an extra quarter of an inch.

6 Months:

Measuring again another three months later, my erections were at least half an inch longer than they used to be.  Getting an erection was effortless, and I my stamina was back in full force.

Now (11 Months):

It feels like I’ve gotten my life back.  Our sex life is awesome—we regularly go at it all night—and I’ve gained a full inch to my erections!  Best of all, I’ve had no side effects from using Male Extra—unless you count the massive improvements to my self-confidence!


Male Extra Pros:

  • Male Extra has so many benefits: harder, fuller erections, no more erectile dysfunction, greater sexual stamina and ejaculation control, and more energy.  You enjoy better sex and you feel awesome throughout the day.
  • All the ingredients are safe, natural, and side-effect free.
  • The effects are round-the-clock, so you don’t have to time your doses for when you are planning to have sex.
  • Once you get back to feeling like yourself, your confidence and self-esteem should take a major leap.


Male Extra Cons:

  • The results aren’t instantaneous.  But for all good things, you need to have patience—and at least this is a real long-term solution!
  • Male Extra is a bit expensive.  Thankfully there are hefty discounts available if you buy a bulk supply to get you through the year.


Where to Buy Male Extra

Ready to get back to tear-off-your-clothes, unbridled, mind-blowing sex?

Male Extra saved my sexless marriage and restored my confidence, and I know it can do the same for you.  You can only buy Male Extra online.  Right now there is a sale on to get a huge discount off the full price, but that isn’t going to last long as more guys start discovering this amazing supplement.  Click below to order now and snag that discount while you can!